Recovery of a Missing Datafile that has no backups (database is open).

Datafile Lost due to OS level delete:
Recovery of a Missing Datafile that has no backups (database is open).
If a non system datafile that was not backed up since the last backup is missing,
recovery can be performed if all archived logs since the creation
of the missing datafile exist.
Pre requisites: All relevant archived logs.
1. alter datafile offline immediate;
2. alter database create datafile ‘fully_qualified_file_name’;
3. alter database datafile ‘fully_qualified_file_name’ online;

If the create datafile command needs to be executed to place the datafile on a
location different than the original use:
alter database create datafile ‘fully_qualified_file_name’ as ‘fully_qualified_file_name’;


3 thoughts on “Recovery of a Missing Datafile that has no backups (database is open).

  1. govardhan

    Hi Shanoj,

    Myself Govardhan,I read all your posts it looks good,thank you for sharing.
    did you have any chance to provide training on oracle DBA course?

    Thank you.

    1. shanojkumar Post author

      Thanks Govardhan for your feedback.
      As of now I am not conducting any training, but you can write to me your doubts on Oracle Database Administration
      and I will try to help you ..


  2. Ashwin

    Fantastic work Shanoj . . These are really helpful for budding DBA aspirants . Keep it Up !! cheers


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