Do Nothing

On a regular basis, do nothing. Drop your expectations, forget your worries and anxieties, and don’t even think about feeling guilty about it.

Everyone alive must have some sleep each day. Just as your body needs the restful period that sleep provides, your mind and spirit benefit from regular restful times as well.

When you read a good book, it is the spaces between the words that enable you to understand each one of those words.

In a musical composition, the silence between the notes is just as important as the sound of the instruments.

In whatever you are working to accomplish, be sure to put in some well-placed empty space. Pauses can be just as significant as the most eloquent words, and periods of unproductive rest can be just as useful as periods of strenuous, focused activity.

No, of course you wouldn’t want to be lazy and inactive all the time, yet you will benefit from balancing your diligent efforts with peaceful relaxation. The busy times make the restful times more enjoyable, and the restful times make the busy times more productive.

Just because you’re not intensely engaged in focused accomplishment doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped moving forward. Devote some time to relaxing and refreshing your spirit, and your efforts will become more effective than ever.

Ralph Marston


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