As part of our ERP implantation in our office, I made this document check list, hope it may help other also


Financial Accounting

*    Multi Company
*    Business Activities
*    Multi Projects / Departments
*    Multi Stores
*    Multi Currency

Software features:

*    Chart of Accounts
*    Accounts Initialization with opening balance
*    Vouchers
*    Payment
*    Receipt
*    Journal
*    Debit Note
*    Credit Note
*    Purchase
*    Sales
*    Purchase Return
*    Sales Return
*    Petty Cash
*    Post Dated Cheques handling (Both Issued and Received)
*    Recurring JV for differed revenue and expenses
*    BRS – Bank reconciliation statement
*    Payables & Receivables
*    Invoice wise payments and receipts allocation
*    Statement of account
*    Outstanding statement of account
*    Aging analysis
*    Following Financial Statements in combination (Company wise, Division /
*    Activity wise & Project / Department wise):
*    Trial Balance
*    Profit & Loss
*    Balance Sheet

Fixed Assets management Module

*    Add “n” number of fixed asset categories
*    Add “n” number of fixed assets under each categories
*    Asset details like Name, Purchase price, Life in years, ***Straight line method.
*    Monthly auto depreciation for all Fixed assets
*    Depreciation and Accumulated depreciation
*    Related auto chart of accounts creation and posting
*    Fixed Asset register (Summary)
*    Related Auto Accounting integration

PDC Management Module

*    Issued PDCs and Received PDCs from payment and receipt vouchers.
*    Auto posting of cleared PDCs.
*    Monthly break down of PDCs with sub totals.
*    PDC Remainders with various options.
*    PDC Bouncing, Re-submitting & Returning.
*    Related auto Accounting integration.


*    Marketing:
*    Leads generation sources, lead analysis, comparison of results with planned results.
*    Pre-Sales:
*    Lead entry, lead distribution (auto & manual), lead follow-up, creating contacts,accounts, converting leads into potentials, products (Items), quotation, sales order,
*    Sales staff commissions, Sales targets planning (monthly, quarterly & yearly),
*    Generating variance reports (Actual sales vs Planned) Sales person wise etc.
*    After Sales:
*    Recording cases from customers, case distribution to customer care executives by customer care managers, tracking the cases until it is closed.


*    Items which needs actions: tasks, events, reminders & follow-ups management. These modules are linked with other modules where ever required or applicable.

*    Dash Boards:
*    Role wise with graphs, important information, alerts and action items (activities).

*    Quick glance of MIS reports.

*    Documents filing:
*    Documents related to different modules can be attached with those records. These
*    documents can be searched on different parameters, viewed and printed.


*    e-mails sent history through the system related to different modules can be attached
with those records. These e-mails can be searched, viewed and printed.

Work Flow:

*    Approval process by different users/roles.

Trading Activity & Inventory

*    Sales and Purchase process (Trading)
*    Enquiry from Customers
*    Enquiry to Suppliers
*    Quotation from Suppliers
*    Quotation to Customers
*    Purchase Order from Customers
*    Purchase Order to Suppliers
*    Delivery from Suppliers (MRN)
*    Delivery to Customers(DO)
*    Invoice to Customers
*    Invoice from suppliers
*    Receipts from Customers
*    Payments to Suppliers

Inventory Management
*    Material
*    Category and Sub Category
*    Store
*    Items Qty , Rate & Amount
*    FIFO & LIFO
*    Opening Stock
*    Closing Stock (Stock on hand)
*    Minimum Reorder Level
*    Batch code
*    Item in & out history
*    Shelf Ref (Search)
*    Movement (Transfers) Between Stores

*    Sales Analysis by
*    Company
*    Division
*    Department
*    Sales Person
*    Product category
*    Customer
*    Supplier
*    Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.
*    Fast moving items
*    Slow Moving items
*    Gross Profit (GP) and GP margin report
*    Invoice wise GP and GPM report
*    Stock value report
*    Product in and out with running balance history report.

Services Activity

*    Enquiry from Customers
*    Quotation to Customers
*    Purchase Order from Customers
*    Delivery of service to Customers (DO)
*    Invoice to Customers
*    Receipts from Customers
*    Material Cost ( from Procurement and Inventory module)
*    Labor Cost (From HR, Time sheet and payroll Module)
*    Sub Contractor (From Sub Contractor Module)
*    Plant and Machinery ( From Plant and Machinery Module)
*    Miscellaneous ( From Different vouchers)
*    Comparing Original BOQ with Actual (Variance analysis)
*    Job / Project wise Profit analysis

HR& Payroll:

*    Employee Documents expiry alert
*    Employee general details
*    Employee Salary details (Basic, allowances, Deductions)
*    Loans management
*    Payroll processing and accounts integration
*    Pay sheet and Pay slips
*    Leaves management
*    Air Ticket management
*    Leave Salary management
*    Gratuity calculations
*    Service end process and settlement report

Fleet Management

*    Vehicle Details
*    Vehicle Service Details and schedules
*    Documents and license expire alerts
*    Expenses Details

Security and Administration

*    Administration and security
*    Multi-level security and access permissions
*    View, Add, edit and delete permissions
*    New user group creation
*    New user creation (Login & Password)
*    Data Backup & Recovery
*    Recording of user name with date and time for each transaction
*    Audit trial: User wise Activity (new, edit, delete) tracking of different documents.

*** Straight Line Depreciation Calculation: (Purchase Price of Asset – Approximate Salvage Value) ÷ Estimated Useful Life of Asset.


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