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Setting storage driver in docker




Linux distributionRecommended storage driversAlternative drivers
Docker Engine – Community on Ubuntuoverlay2 or aufs (for Ubuntu 14.04 running on kernel 3.13)overlay¹, devicemapper², zfsvfs
Docker Engine – Community on Debianoverlay2 (Debian Stretch), aufs or devicemapper (older versions)overlay¹, vfs
Docker Engine – Community on CentOSoverlay2overlay¹, devicemapper², zfsvfs
Docker Engine – Community on Fedoraoverlay2overlay¹, devicemapper², zfsvfs

Get the current storage driver:

docker info

Set the storage driver explicitly using the daemon configuration file. This is the method that Docker recommends.

sudo vi /etc/docker/daemon.json

Add the details of storage driver in the daemon configuration file:

  "storage-driver": "devicemapper"

Restart Docker after editing the file.

sudo systemctl restart docker
sudo systemctl status docker